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Commissions are currently OPEN

Please email your commission inquiry to 

  • Subject line: Commission Inquiry - YOUR NAME
  • Name / Handle / Site: ex. end - @end_spire on twitter, endspire on tumblr
  • Paypal Email and Name: Will be used to send invoice
  • Commission Type: Chibi, Portrait, Bust, Full Body
  • Character’s Name:
  • Notes/ Direction: Here is where you'll describe how you want your commission to look. If there are important points about the character's personality or background that you want to be shown, let me know! If you want to give me free reign, let me know as well.
  • References: If you have images of the character, please share them! If you have even a rough sketch of how you want your commission to look, send it! Something is better than nothing!

Note, by sending me an inquiry, you agree to my TERMS OF SERVICE, found at the bottom of this page.

Here are my available styles! 

Make sure to include the style you want in your email inquiry. If you are interested in something in another style, please message me to discuss pricing options! I am more than willing to accommodate requests. Please include a link to the art that you like.


A neat and tidy style for presenting characters in their best light. 

Portrait   $50 | Bust   $80 | Full Body   $120

+ another character   +50% of initial cost

+ simple background   +50% of initial cost

no color   -$20



A bold and bright style, featuring chibi characters or creatures. 

Note: all the examples include a background.


+ another character   +$25

+ simple background   +$20


When you send me an inquiry, you automatically agree to my TOS. Please read and understand these terms before sending an email!

  • All payments are made upfront, through Paypal. Prices are listed in USD.
  • Upon completion, commissioners will receive the piece as a 300 DPI .PNG, without a watermark for personal use. Also included will be a more compressed piece with a watermark; please use this watermarked piece when sharing online!
  • Unless discussed beforehand, commissions are only for personal use. The use of the commissioned work in any form of advertising or promotions is not allowed, nor is printing and selling copies of the prints. Do not alter the finished piece. Cropping for icons/ headers is ok.
  • DO NOT USE COMMISSIONS FOR NFTS. I categorically do not consent to my art being used in any capacity relating to cryptocurrency of any kind.  
  • I reserve the right to refuse commissions that I am not comfortable with. 

During the commission process clients:

  • Are more than welcome to ask for updates! I will share wips as I work, but feel free to ask for updates whenever you like (within reason)
  • Are allowed to request 3 revisions. Note: you cannot ask for a revision after the commission is finished and the final file is sent unless it's really small.
  • Are allowed to cancel for a full or partial refund. If I haven't started the piece then you will receive a full refund, but if I have started then you will receive a partial refund in relation to how much I have finished. 

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or DM me on twitter.